A comparison of martin luther king and malcolm x two african american icons

We had slaves, that was bad. We fought the civil war and Lincoln freed the slaves, but some bad people in the south still treated black people badly. One day Rosa Parks was tired after work, and refused to give up her seat.

A comparison of martin luther king and malcolm x two african american icons

There were previous war resisters, for example, the Society of Friends, the opponents of the Mexican War and the Indian wars, critics of the imperial taking of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines, and opponents of World War I, numbering in the many thousands. But no peace movement was as large-scale, long lasting, intense, and threatening to the status quo as the protests against the Vietnam War.

The roots of the Vietnam peace movement were in the civil rights, student, and women's movements of the early Sixties. SDS supported "part of the way" with LBJ in late while planning the first peace march in April in case Johnson broke his pledge of no ground troops.

Together these movements were demanding a shift from Cold War priorities to "jobs and justice", the banner of the March on Washington, and were deeply shocked by the assassination of Kennedy and subsequent escalation in Vietnam. During the Vietnam peace movement era betweenAmericans took to the streets in numbers exceeding one hundred thousand on at least a dozen occasions, sometimes half-million.

At least 29 young Americans were murdered while protesting the war. Tens of thousands were arrested. The greatest student strikes in American history shut down campuses for weeks. Black people rose in hundreds of "urban rebellions" partly against the shift from the War on Poverty to the Vietnam War.

GIs rebelled on scores of bases and ships, refused orders, threw their medals at the Congress, and often attacked their superior officers, prompting warnings about the "collapse" of the armed forces by the Seventies. Peace candidates appeared in Congressional races by and became a serious presence in presidential politics by Johnson was forced to resign because of a revolt within his own party inand Richard Nixon resigned after escalating a secret war and unleashing spies and provocateurs against dissenters at home.

A comparison of martin luther king and malcolm x two african american icons

The peace movement reached a scale which threatened the foundations of the American social order, making it an inspirational model for future social movements and a nightmare which elites ever since have hoped to wipe from memory.

It's far simpler, after all, to incorporate into the American Story a chapter about a social movement overcoming discrimination than the saga of a failed war in which tens of thousands of Americans died while killing others.

The events of those ten years can be compared to the "general strike" - or non-cooperation — of the slaves on southern plantations that undermined the Confederacy, according to the classic study by W.

Dubois wrote that, "The slave entered upon a general strike against slavery by the same methods that he had used during the period of the fugitive slave.

But I could also mention the political violence in our time, from the assassinations of King, Malcolm X, both Kennedys, and so many others in the s to the recent shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killing of six others, including a nine-year-old girl, in Arizona. The king was trying to stop segregation and discrimination between the black race and the white man in America Gandhi was a non violence protester and Martin Luther King was not. A bit further on, Wright says that when Martin Luther King Jr. went beyond working for integration alone and, “had the courage to call the sin of Vietnam exactly what it was — an abomination before God — he had to have the audacity to hope.”.

He ran away to the first place of safety and offered his services to the Federal Army The fundamental role of the Vietnamese resistance to the French and American occupiers will be discussed below. But their resistance awakened and triggered the eventual "general strike" in America that paralyzed campuses, cities, and barracks, forced a realignment to American politics, and brought the war to its end.

The first strand of the American resistance began in campus communities. Starting with polite dissent and educational teach-ins, by there was a wave of student strikes that shuttered hundreds of campuses, involved four million in protests [2] and forced closures of those key institutions through the spring semester in Luther King Jr.

and Malcolm X with respect to gaining ground for blacks and that each of these individuals gained inspiration from a different philosophical approach rooted in a . 7 African female icons that shaped history December 16, By MsAfropolitan 47 Comments In his book ‘Society must be defended’, written in , Michel Foucault speaks about historical revisionism, hinting to a an earlier statement made by Winston Churchill who .

The period marked by the rise of AfriCobra saw a decline in momentum of the American Civil Rights Movement after the death of Martin Luther King Jr..

A comparison of martin luther king and malcolm x two african american icons

Also, the younger generation favored the politics of Malcolm X, which advocated self defense and independence instead of integration. Feb 26,  · For this week's forum, we'll be looking at how technology and automation is eliminating jobs.

We'll be watching a short talk from Kevin Kelly, founder . A Fire You Can't Put Out: The Civil Rights Life of Birmingham's Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth (Religion & American Culture) [Andrew M Manis] on rutadeltambor.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Fred Shuttlesworth suffered only a bump on the head in the bombing of his home, members of his church called it a miracle.

Shuttlesworth took it as a sign that God would protect him on the Reviews: Martin Luther King, Mandela, Biko, Malcolm X (all were civil rights activists). Inspiring leaders, taking their nations to a glorious future.

However, the attitude to the activists as well as some major blunders (Bay of Pigs, Watergate) removed the awe and trust of people.

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