Google inc in china case analysis

Please ensure that the student numbers from all group members are recorded accurately. Introduction Google was founded in by Larry Page and Sergey Brin and it was the first popular search engine in the world.

Google inc in china case analysis

As from financial point of view, Google saw China as a dynamic and fast growing market despite of increasing competition.

Legal, Cultural, and Ethical Challenges

The main advantage with this U. Kalathil, Current Chinese government functions under the leadership of Communist Party. Chinese Government takes any action at any cost to prevent those situations. This is done through various ways of rules. But the ultimate purpose is crystal clear, Government needs a smooth flow within country.

Chinese censorship was effective, though not total, and that information was available, though on a limited scale. It has been nicknamed the Great Firewall of China in reference to its role as a network firewall and to the ancient Great Wall of China.

A major part of the project includes the ability to block content by preventing IP addresses from being routed through and consists of standard firewalls and proxy servers at the Internet gateways. The system also selectively engages in DNS cache poisoning when particular sites are requested.

In addition, Chinese search engine Baidu. As for the rules in the game, when a company, whether it is a Well-financed multi-national or a domestic corporation, they have to do it in the way Chinese government want. Otherwise company can take their business elsewhere.

This factor hugely matters when establishing an early position in market dominance in China.

Roles of the Host Government

Good favors with the government vital towards long-term profitability, means any businesses wishing to operate in China must do so with the blessings of the Communist Party, the ruling party known for its pervasive corruption and widespread human rights abuses.

Kalathil, Case Issue In the fall ofthis problem struck for Google. Suddenly, in early September, computer users in China could not access Google.

The Chinese government had blocked access to the site. Users were diverted to rival Chinese search site, Baidu. Two weeks later, it again became possible to access Google.

Chinese users found that Google. Lin, Google Co-founder Sergey Brin and many technology professionals in China believe it was the result of an effort by a Chinese competitor, Baidu. The stoppage could also have been due to heightened internet security in anticipation of a November shift in political leadership McLaughlin, Whatever the cause, Google was left offering users in China a slow and less-than-satisfactory version of Google.

~ The Versatility ~: Google In China - A case study

So in order to cope up with this problem in earlyGoogle struck a deal with China government and launched Google. This is a move towards transparency that distinguishes it from competitors like Baidu.Is it possible for Google to enter China without violating its casual company motto, “Do not be evil?” In , the best team and the board of directors of Google, Inc.

difficult to decide whether the company should enter into China – and if so, how. Case Studies: Google 1 CASE STUDY: GOOGLE Google is a very successful information technology/web search company with more than 21, employees working in 77 offices located in 43 countries.

It was founded in by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. According to. Case Study Analysis Anh Nguyen Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

If you continue browsing the . The same search on provided a much smaller list and included pictures of a smiling couple in the square.

Google inc in china case analysis

2 The decision to develop was complicated. Oct 06,  · The analysis of Google in China have shown how inter personal relationships in businesses, especially in terms of China, affects the company’s profit, image and success.

Understanding each country’s culture is a must and it immensely helps to provide a sound service towards its customers. [Google, Inc., faced a choice to] compromise our mission by failing to serve our users in China or compromise our mission by entering China and complying with Chinese laws that require us .

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