Gun control should be imposed strictly in america

Citizens and representatives are demanding action, while others disagree with proposals and solutions they deem unconstitutional. This heated debate has existed for years, especially after mass shootings occur, resulting in several laws and acts that restrict certain weapons or associated devices. The earliest, substantial legislation was the National Firearms Act ofwhich imposed a tax on the making and transfer of firearms defined by the act, the registration of all NFA firearms, and the regulation of barrel sizes on shotguns and rifles. Gun legislation has wholey increased sincebut is it enough?

Gun control should be imposed strictly in america

Would have legalized handgun deer hunting. Obama did not vote. HB This bill was to notify gun owners when their gun was the subject of records request or search. The bill would have allowed the owner to have his trace information destroyed under certain circumstances.

During this time Daley was trying to use trace information to use in gun manufacturer lawsuits. Obama voted against the bill. It passed but the governor vetoed it. May 16, HB House Bill evolved from a car "secret compartments" bill to a one handgun every 30 days bill. Obama goes on for more than a page about this "very measured, modest regulation" on page of the day's transcripts.

Obama voted for the bill. May 24, A House Amendment would legalize handgun deer hunting.

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Obama voted in favor of the House Amendment. He did not vote for or against SB Provides that it is an affirmative defense to a violation of a municipal ordinance that prohibits, regulates, or restricts the private ownership of firearms if the individual who is charged with the violation used the firearm in an act of self-defense or defense of another.

Gun control should be imposed strictly in america

The governor vetoed and the legislature overrode the veto. There may be more bills that I have yet to find. If you know of any or find any searching the legislature's site, please email me.

This morning I ran into this little video: Apparently 64 pages amounts to "boxes and boxes of specifics"! So, I did as instructed and went to www. It is tough to find, but click on "Issues". Searching the 64 pages, you will find "gun" and "firearm" exactly zero times.

That is why this site exists. After the horror that was Northern Illinois University Thursday afternoon, Barack Obama announced Friday morning that, as a constitutional attorney, he supports the Second Amendment right to bear arms, thinks it doesn't only apply to the militia, and that he also plans to use California gun control legislation as a paradigm for a national policy to contain the spread of gun violence.

But, is it really possible to have it both ways?

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Can one support the right to bear arms, as well as implement the kind of national gun control legislation that will stem the flood of shootings on our nation's campuses, streets, and homes? Essentially, the question is, should Senator Obama become President Obama would he be prepared to take on the most powerful, and influential, congressional lobby outside of the tobacco industry, the gun lobby?

After the spate of campus killings at Columbine, Virginia Tech, and now at Northern Illinois, there is little doubt that the former president, and his attorney general brother, Robert F. Kennedy, would be hard at work on gun control legislation now.

Obama is fond of this quote from President John F. But let us never fear to negotiate," but is he any more ready for hand to hand combat with those who put their rifles next to Gideon's Bible in Motel 6's from Idaho to Alaska, those who are the most obstinant opponents of restrictions on the possession, manufacture, and sale of firearms?

He suggests that he would support legislation on the order of gun laws implemented, in California, during Gray Davis' tenure as governor.

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So, what does that mean? As a start, how about: Approved firearm lists determined by politicians. Assault weapons registrations and bans. A fifty caliber ban. And the list is expanding. California has passed an ammunition encoding requirement recently to go into effect January 1, So expect registration of ammunition purchases.

If this is Obama's concept of "supports the Second Amendment right to bear arms", I would hate to see what would happen to any right he does not believe in. For a more complete view of California gun law, I suggest Calgunlaws as a start.

From DirtCrashr I have learned that California also has: A lead ammo ban, and a microstamping law coming into effect.Feb 22,  · Gun control advocates love to tout the high crime rates in gun-loving America relative to those peaceful countries that ban private gun ownership.

But now the facts don’t support that claim. Reliable statistics on crime in other parts of the world have been released that show America .


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David Marrs, America Solves Gun Control Problem by Making All Guns Pink, DAILY SQUAT (Feb. 1, ), https: //perma restrictions should be imposed on it? Does the Second Amendment give Gun control advocates have responded by arguing that.

Friday, 07 March In Obama suggested a law that would prevent all gun stores within a five mile radius of schools and parks (See Obama's Draconian Gun Control).The white area is the calculated exclusion zone for a 50 mile radius around Denver for just schools. Mar 07,  · States with more gun laws have fewer gun-related deaths, according to a new study released Wednesday by Boston Children's Hospital.

The . I think the majority of Americans actually support some type of gun control, even if it’s a law that requires every gun be registered. But, unfortunately the pro gun .

Should the federal government or the United Nations push too far, it’s a solid bet that millions of American gun owners will conclude that the powers in Washington, D.C.

have finally overreached all bounds and are truly, absolutely without legitimate authority.

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