Hurricane olesya devastates local economy essay

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Hurricane olesya devastates local economy essay

Lured by promises of long hours and good wages, thousands of workers left their families and homes in order to work in New Orleans. Second, the Department of Homeland Security temporarily suspended rules requiring that employers prove that their workers are either citizens of the United States or are legally permitted to work in the United States.

Although the Davis-Bacon Act was reinstated two months after Hurricane Katrina, its reinstatement did not apply retroactively S. Quinones, supra note 6.

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This figure was estimated by John Logan, a Brown University demographer who has studied the city since Katrina. Due to the fact that each company s bid was based upon the decreased labor costs that resulted from Davis-Bacon s suspension, those companies are permitted to pay less than the prevailing wage even though the Act was reinstated.

This conclusion does not reflect the belief that Davis-Bacon should be used as a device for keeping illegal immigrants out of the Gulf Coast s rebuilding effort. Rather, the problem is that the federal government opened the doors to these workers without simultaneously providing them with protections.

Currently, there is no legislation in place in the Gulf that effectively protects illegal migrant workers who rushed in to fill the void left by local workers.

Finally, this Note grapples with the fact that the damage, which Davis-Bacon s suspension inflicted on Gulf laborers, is irreversible.

Legislation that is currently being proposed in Congress, as a means of solving the problem of illegal workers nationwide, will be analyzed and used as a means of they are performed. Some opponents of Davis-Bacon s suspension wanted it reinstated as a means of excluding cheap migrant labor.

Mary Landrieu Democrat from Louisianarecently said, It is a downright shame that any contractor would use this tragedy as an opportunity to line its pockets by breaking the law and hiring a low-skilled, low-wage and undocumented work force.

Hurricane olesya devastates local economy essay

This Note concludes by advocating a Temporary Worker Program coupled with worksite audits and a system whereby contractors assume responsibility for violations committed by their subcontractors.

Giving these workers legal status will enable them to travel to and from work without fear of being arrested and deported and it will give these workers a means of remedying the abuses committed against them.

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The workers in the Gulf deserve greater protections since the federal government has enabled them to be hired legally. Although some argue that the Fair Labor Standards Act applies to legal and illegal workers alike, most illegal workers are too afraid to report employer misconduct out of fear that they will be fired.

Hurricane olesya devastates local economy essay

Seventy percent of New Orleans sits below sea level on swampland between the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain. Utgoff, Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, collected statistical data indicating that one million people 16 and older were evacuated from their residences in August, and, as of Marchonly about one-half of the evacuees had returned to their homes.

Department of Labor s Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Economic impact of Hurricanes Harvey & Irma

Unemployment rates were much lower for those evacuees who were living at their pre-katrina residences 5. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.Hurricane Olesya Devastates Local Economy As the four factors of production are affected the local economy from an enterprise, in terms of micro economics and the natural resources are considerably limited, causing that the economy is scarce to overcome of the situation.

Hurricane Olesya Devastates Local Economy The natural disasters are always a trouble for countries to reach an efficient economic, which means a growth. This week the Hurricane Olesya cross through USA, causing extraordinary effect in the population and economy.

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