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Many inincluding top executives at NBC, thought it was possible that Johnny Carson would retire after reaching his 25th anniversary on October 1,as it was such a logical cut-off point. Rivers was shocked to see that she was not on the list.

Jack shafer

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March 31, Essay: Thought Police - 3. Seriously, I have a hard time accepting that anyone should lose their collective bargaining rights in America, no matter who their employer.

Which brings me to a very ominous development I first read about on the political blog Talking Points Memo, a story which involves Michigan and the Wisconsin mess. Why are they asking for these e-mails? But some fear the center wants to use them to attack liberal professors for using state resources for what could be called improper political activity.

That, or cow them into not expressing their points of view. Well, even though I am a full-time faculty member at Wayne State, nobody seems to have asked for my e-mails, since I am not in the labor studies department. I plead guilty, and also plead guilty to doing work at home on my own time.


I also suggest that the entire economy would come to a screeching halt if we fired everybody who ever sent a personal e-mail on company time. And I am certain that the idea of anybody trying to create a chilling effect against free speech of any kind, is about as un-American as anyone can get.

There seems to be a new spirit of intolerance in this country, especially when it comes to public employees, and especially in regards to teachers.

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Born in Walla Walla, Washington and raised in Northeastern Oregon, Andy Shafer has been riding horses ever since he could walk. At age 13, Andy began working with horses, breaking colts and competing in Saddle Bronc, Team Roping and Calf Roping.

The Late Show is an American late-night talk show and the first series broadcast on the then-new Fox rutadeltambor.comally hosted by comic actress Joan Rivers, it first aired on October 9, , under the title The Late Show Starring Joan rutadeltambor.com is also the first late-night show hosted by Arsenio Hall.

Jack shafer
San Leandro High School Class Of , San Leandro, CA