Journalism copywriting a name

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Journalism copywriting a name

Who should you hire for brand publishing: Contributor Joel Klettke takes a deep dive into which writer type has the chops for brand publishing. Last week, i accidentally stumbled into a war.

As I was reading one evening, I came across two articles—one laying claim to brand publishing for journalists, and the other pushing back and saying that copywriters ought to rule the roost.

journalism copywriting a name

It occurred to me then that brands themselves might be staring down this problem. Like mechanical and chemical engineers, jobs with similar titles can have wildly different skill sets and abilities.

This is about more than job titles or semantics: Hire the wrong person and your outcomes will suffer. In our first corner, Journalists! Will ask anyone the tough questions, no matter who it is. Experts at turning accurate information into a cohesive narrative.

Masters of mass appeal: These are the folks who specialize in reporting the news on a lightning-fast turnaround. In the second corner, Copywriters! Trained to know what readers are thinking and manipulate them into taking action.

Voice and tone can adapt to whoever is paying their bills. Clever, bright and memorable copy is par for the course. Direct Response These copywriters have one thing on their minds: Their work is more scientific than creative, deeply rooted in pulling the psychological strings that part people with their cash.

When you need a sales letter, email marketing campaign or landing page and want response rates to shoot through the roof, direct response writers are the unquestionable heavyweights who get it done. The quality of reporting can suffer.

Sure, copywriters can write effective prose; their persuasive calls to action get results. Skepticism leads journalists to vet their sources more intensely by checking into their backgrounds and seeking independent confirmation of information.

As a brand publisher, why would you? But I do believe there is a difference between investigative reporting and marketing. While telling stories was the medium, the goal was to sell tractors—something she asserts copywriters are better set up to do: Copywriters have been telling the story of businesses for ages.

But more importantly, a copywriter knows how to SELL your story so your customer buys into it. Journalists may know how to weave a good tale. But business owners need more than a good story in order to persuade their prospects to buy.

You want to follow up with solutions that will help them. As a brand who is interested in increasing your revenue, why would you? Here are the things both journalists and copywriters share in common:Just Getting Started?

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journalism copywriting a name

Coming from a background that mixes work in both journalism and marketing-oriented copywriting, switching between mindsets is definitely one of the bigger challenges. Journalism can be much more "structured" in what publications and editors will look for and accept.

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