Major problems faced by indian agriculture

Some of the major problems and their possible solutions have been discussed as follows.

Major problems faced by indian agriculture

Agriculture in India is largely depends on monsoon. As a result, production of food-grains fluctuates year after year. This, in its turn, leads to price income and employment fluctuations. However, for the thirteen year, in successive to a normal monsoon has been observed.

While the former comprise food-grains, sugarcane and other beverages, the latter includes different kinds of fibres and oilseeds. In recent years there has occurred a fall in agricultural production mainly due to fall in the output of non-food articles.


This indicates a structural change in agricultural production. Inequality in land distribution is also due to the fact that there are frequent changes in land ownership in India. It is believed that large parcels of land in India are owned by a- relatively small section of the rich farmers, landlords and money-lenders, while the vast majority of farmers own very little amount of land, or no land at all.

As a result peasants cannot generate sufficient marketable surplus. So they are not only poor but are often in debt.

Scarcity of water is a major problem faced by the farmers

At times small farmers are forced to sell a portion of their land to repay their debt. This creates further sub-division of land. As a result a major portion of land is not brought under the plough.

All these factors account for the low productivity of Indian agriculture. The land tenure system of India is also far from perfect.

Major problems faced by indian agriculture

In the pre-independence period, most tenants suffered from insecurity of tenancy. They could be evicted any time. Conditions of Agricultural Labourers: The conditions of most agricultural labourers in India are far from satisfactory.

There are various other problems of Indian agriculture. These are related to: This can be restored if other crops such as pulses are grown on the same plot on a rotational basis. Since they are not aware of the need for crop rotation they use the same type of crop and, consequently, the land loses its fertility considerably.

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In India, not much use has been made of improved varieties of seeds. Farmers also suffer due to lack of irrigation facilities. In fact, the total water potential in the country is more than adequate to irrigate the whole areas under cultivation. The method of cultivation in most areas of India are still primitive.

Most farmers continue to use native plough and other accessories. One of the major causes of low income of the Indian farmers is the difficulty in marketing their crops. Due to the small size and scattered nature of agricultural holdings, the productivity per acre is low.

Agricultural marketing problems arose due to the lack of communications, i. The difficulty of communication prevents the farmer from marketing his own produce.

Infertile land and lack of infrastructure in the agriculture sector

The typical Indian farmer is almost always in debt. The farmer is a perennial debtor.Agricultural problems faced by the farmers of India By Pamkhuila Shaiza on March 30, Agriculture is one of the most important pillars of the Indian economy.

One of the major problems of Indian agriculture is that a large number of people depend solely on agriculture. It is obvious the, that not much can be realized unless this continuing pressure of population on land is reduced.

What are the problems in the Agriculture Sector in India and how can we solve them in hindi language? Update Cancel. Problems faced by the Agriculture Sector. In order to increase the efficiency of Indian economy a major shift needs to happen from agriculture to service and business sector.

The major problems confronting Indian agriculture are those of population pressure, small holdings, depleted soils, lack of modern technology and poor facilities for storage.

(a) Population Pressure: India has a huge population of over one billion and it is increasing at a very fast rate. Agriculture, the backbone of Indian economy, Indian agriculture is plagued by several problems.

Know some of the major problems that India faces in relation to agriculture and their possible solutions. The situation in Indian Agriculture, and particularly farmer distress, is increasingly getting the focus, reaching centre stage in The Media and public discourse; at long last, Agriculture is showing signs of getting the attention it richly deserves; for too long we Urban Indians have ignored Indian Agriculture.

7 Major Problems Faced by Indian Agriculture