Nothern america essay

Inarguably the world's greatest nation was locked in Civil War. The war divided the country between the North Union and South Confederate.

Nothern america essay

North America is bounded by the Pacific ocean on the west, the Atlantic ocean on the east. There is Arctic ocean on the north and Caribbean sea and Panama canal in the south. North America is the third largest and the richest continent in the world. North America lies completely in the western and the northern hemisphere.

The group of islands called the West Indies is also a part of North America. The Rocky is the longest and the most prominent fountain range of the North America. The Great Basin is the largest plateau of North America. The Great Salt Lake is in this basin.

Lawrence are the important rivers of the North America. Polar, Tundra, Taiga, cool temperate, continental, Mediterranean and Tropical type of climate are found in this continent.

English, Spanish and French languages are spoken in North America. Iron ore, coal, copper, zinc, silver, petroleum and urine the chief minerals found in this continent. The USA has fifty states.

Alaska is the largest one and lies north west of Canada.

Nothern america essay

The climate of the USA is of the temperate type. The Untied States of America is the largest producer and exporter of the corn wheat and cotton. The United States of America is the largest producer of petroleum and natural gas and the second largest producer of silver, gold, coal and copper.

The USA is the largest producer of industrial goods. New York is the largest port of the world. The New York City is famous for its sky scrapers Canada Canada is the second largest country in the world. Canada has a common boundary with the USA and this is the longest between any two countries.

Canada has ten states and two territories. The capita of Canada is Ottawa. English and French are the official languages of Canada. Logan is the highest peak and Mackenzie is the longed river of Canada. The Yokon and the Peace are another important rivers.

As a whole Canada has a cold climate. Wheat is the most important crop of Canada. Nova Scotia province of Canada is known for apples, Canada is the largest manufacturer and exporter of pulp and paper A the world.the entire western coast of South America, all of Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, and parts of the United States, including New Mexico and Florida.

This colossal domain took years of effort and endeavor to colonize and establish a structured system. Even enrollments in Spanish, America's second language, declined percent in that period, in Arabic percent and in Russian percent. Admittedly, English is in ascendance as the international language of business and trade, but needless to say, Americans .

The Northern and Southern colonies had many of different routes and ended with the same destination. The United States as people know it today. An influx of immigrants coaxed both the north and south into growing. Immigrants had come to America to have a new start at life.

The Spanish in North America. Printable Essay Questions on the Columbian Exchange for World History - Scroll Down to Print (PDF) 1. Analyze the origin of the term Indian. 2. Summarize the Treaty of Tordesillas. 3. Illustrate the Columbian Exchange. 4. Explain the conquest of Mexico by Hernándo Cortés.

Nothern america essay

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