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Provide a magic fix. Editing is a subjective process. Editor and author Jane Friedman makes the same pointin a slightly different way: Again, there are no formulas for this.

Novel editing services australia news

September 29, Category: Scientific Writing Key Points Summary Always submit an accompanying cover letter with every manuscript. Make sure your cover letter includes any journal-required elements. Strong cover letters tell journal editors why they should publish your manuscript in their journals.

Cover letters should be succinct and focus on the importance and novelty of your findings, as well as how they relate to the scope of your target journal. After the hard work of perfecting your manuscript and selecting a target journal, one more task remains before submission: The cover letter is an important document that must do more than tell the editor that you are submitting your manuscript for consideration.

Strong cover letters not only introduce your manuscript — they offer an important opportunity to convince journal editors to consider your manuscript for publication. Develop an Outline for the Cover Letter In addition to any information and statements required by your target journal, every cover letter should contain the following elements: An introduction stating the title of the manuscript and the journal to which you are submitting.

The question your research answers. Your major experimental results and overall findings. The most important conclusions that can be drawn from your research. A statement that the manuscript has not been published and is not under consideration for publication in any other journal A statement that novel editing services australia news authors approved the manuscript and its submission to the journal.

Any other details that will encourage the editor to send your manuscript for review. Write one or more sentences to address each of these points.

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You will revise and polish these sentences to complete your cover letter. Write the Body of the Cover Letter Open your cover letter with a sentence or two explaining why you are writing, the title of your manuscript, and the title of the journal.

The focus of the paragraph is to explain why your research was needed and clearly state the question your research answers. Clearly and concisely explain your results, findings, and conclusions. To keep your cover letter concise, limit this explanation to one or two brief paragraphs.

It may be helpful to review your abstract to stay focused on your most important results and conclusions. Your goal is to show the editor how your manuscript meets these criteria. Such manuscripts will be highly referenced, which will increase the impact factor of the journal.

Without exaggerating, explain the novelty, relevance, and interest of your findings to researchers who read that journal.

After describing your research and findings, include a paragraph with any journal-required statements. If the findings in the manuscript have been presented at a scientific meeting, include that information in this paragraph. This paragraph should also include statements about exclusivity and author approval for submission.

All authors approved the manuscript and this submission. We appreciate your time and look forward to your response. Make sure your cover letter includes the following basic letter elements: Addressee name and mailing address.

Body of the letter. Cover letters are often submitted electronically in an e-mail message. E-mail cover letters may not contain more formal letter elements like the date and address block. Revise the Cover Letter Read through your cover letter several times to proofread and revise the text for clarity and brevity.

Remove any stray points or sentences that do not directly relate to the purpose, major results, and most important findings and conclusions of your study. As you revise the cover letter, ask yourself if the impact, novelty, and relevance of your findings are clear.

Rewrite any sentences that are very long, do not make your point clearly, or are cluttered with too many details. Cover letters should not exceed one page unless absolutely necessary. If you write a cover letter that is longer than one page, think carefully about how it can be shortened.

As you revise the cover letter, proofread for the same basic grammar and construction issues you would look for when revising your manuscript. Remove any jargon and define all abbreviations at first use.

Proofread for spelling and grammar errors. During your review, read the cover letter at least once to ensure you avoid the following:Australia - History: This article discusses the history of Australia from the arrival of European explorers in the 16th century to the present. For a more detailed discussion of Aboriginal culture, see Australian Aboriginal peoples.

Prior to documented history, travelers from Asia may have reached Australia. China’s control of South Asian waters could have extended to a landing in Australia.

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novel editing services australia news

a considerable chunk of my full-time journalism was for a US news service, and the majority of my editing work has been for American and Canadian authors. $1, for a 50, word novel, and $2, for. Nicola O’Shea is a freelance editor with 20+ years of experience who specialises in editing fiction.

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