Transgender transexual essay

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Transgender transexual essay

Psychology Some scholars find that sex reassignment surgery SRS will benefit people, while others argue that transgender people are dissatisfied of their SRS, some possible disappointments arise from the experience of immense Transgender transexual essay from society Dewey Recent studies have shown many effects of taking medical treatments regarding changing sex on biological parts of the body GohKanhaibut such scholars lack investigation on the long term psychological and emotional effect on the transgender person after taking these treatments.

We will write a custom essay sample on Transgender Paper or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER From a blog written by a transgender man, Walt Heyer, we learn that he felt excited changing into a woman at first but eventually regretted his decision and most of his life was spent in sorrow and disappointment.

What factors are related to the long term satisfaction of transsexual people undergoing SRS?

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What traits of Walt led to his regret? Method I started this research project by identifying my topic. Initially, I was interested in Transgender transexual essay effect of hormones on transgender patients but because of my lack of knowledge in biology, I found it difficult to find any conclusions that I could understand thoroughly related directly to the effect of hormones.

Later on, I read about Walt Heyer and his experience on the internet and was inspired by his letter to the Massachusetts Judiciary Committee, where he explained his regret in undergoing SRS.

Eventually I decided on researching the psychological effect of transgender treatments as well as the preoperative factors related to it and the satisfaction of the patients.

I found the majority of my research articles using Academic Complete and Google Scholar. After reading approximately 20 related articles, I chose 4 to be my main focus. Body Paragraphs People who have the desire to change sex early on in their life have a greater chance of being satisfied with their transsexual medical treatments.

One is those people who transition at an early age, and the other is people who typically transition at an older age. She points out that there is a moderate positive correlation between absence of regret and greater childhood femininity.

The more younger people are when they first desire to change sex, the more likely that they are natural transgenders, and they do not suffer from temporary psychological problems.

In general, the transgender people who are satisfied with their treatments experience greater success in life and feel less emotionally depressed compared to before undergoing the treatments. Zoran Rakic et al have concluded that in most transsexuals, the quality of life is improved in aspects of their relationships with other people, attitude towards their own body, sexual activities, and occupational functioning.

He found that these people were more satisfied with interpersonal relationships after their surgeries, experience depression less frequently, and even became more confident in life, e.

This hints that indeed people who desire to change sex in their youth will be more satisfied with the result. There is a lack of psychological treatment before, during, and after the SRS.

Of the people who were dissatisfied with their surgery, many experienced loneliness, as they often did not have a partner, and experienced less acceptance from their direct environment.

These people mentioned the lack of adequate psychosocial guidance before and after their surgery. Walt Heyer also proclaimed that some transgender people have psychological issues rather than biological needs, and he criticized relevant organizations for not focusing on the psychological treatments which are in need.

Transgender transexual essay

If transgenders take sufficient psychological treatments, some might realize that they do not really need to undergo SRS. The causes of psychological problems regarding to the desire to change sex could be personal and social instability.

Jan Eldh et al conducted a long term follow up research on 90 SRS patients. Their main finding is that personal and social instability, unsuitable body build, and age over 30 years at operation correlated with the satisfaction of patients regarding their SRS.

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In their investigation, 44 people were in fact singles, living alone and without or with poor social relations. The fact that nearly a half of these transgender people live isolated hints that depression and isolation could be a factor to their desire to undergo SRS, perhaps in seek of a new life.

It also was explicitly reported that most of the unemployed transgender people suffered from psychological disorders such as depression, anorexia, and anxiety neurosis. Conclusion In this paper, I have investigated the main factors that influence the satisfaction of transsexuals undergoing SRS.

After researching on the topic based primarily on surveys conducted by scholars, I have concluded that some of the main factors that could determine the satisfaction level of a transgender person about their SRS are the age they first want to change sex, the greater childhood femininity or masculinity, and the forcefulness of their desire to change sex from their childhood.UN News produces daily news content in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Kiswahili, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, and weekly programmes in Hindi, Urdu and Bangla.

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Transgender transexual essay

Transgender in America Essay examples. Transgender is a term that describes transvestites and transsexuals, which is gender identification not sexual orientation. Transgender are individuals whose gender identities or gender expressions contrast with traditional social norms and expectations. Gender .

Transgender Essays: Examples, Topics, Titles, & Outlines

Transgender, then, unlike transsexual is a multifaceted term. One example of a transgendered person might be a man who is attracted to women but also identifies as a cross-dresser.

Other examples include people who consider themselves gender nonconforming, multigendered, androgynous, third gender, and two-spirit people.

Mar 01,  · View and download transgender essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your transgender essay.

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The group that will be the focused on in this essay is transsexuals.

Essays on transgender should explain the definition of ‘transgender’ and how it differs from ‘transsexual,’ ‘transvestism,’‘genderqueer’ and other terms. Originally, the term transgender was coined by Virginia Prince of the U.S in the s to differentiate it from the term transsexual. Find essays and research papers on Transgender at We've helped millions of students since The group that will be the focused on in this essay is transsexuals. Transgender is a term that describes transvestites and transsexuals, which is gender identification not sexual orientation. RUNNING HEAD: THE TRANSEXUAL MIND. Essay about Transgender in Sports - Transgendered people in America have made many great strides since the s. They have encountered violence, lack of health care, and the loss of homes, jobs, family and friends. There have been many phases of the struggle of .

Transgender is a term that describes transvestites and transsexuals, which is gender identification not sexual orientation.

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