Water level warning by gsm

Reporting water leakage via telephone call and SMS message The Mobeye water level indicator runs on batteries; no external power supply is necessary. The float sensor is connected to the main unit and placed within the water storage tank or the place where water may be stored. By connecting to a device or external sensor it can monitor much more, like the operation of machinery or several values via a sensor or CCTV.

Water level warning by gsm

Discussion group Ever Pump Orbit Communications EverPump wireless tank monitor and pump control system enables you to remotely monitor the levels of your tanks and automatically control the pumps.

The EverPump wireless water tank monitoring and alarm system has been designed to offer dependable ongoing performance with up to 10km range between units. Click to hear more about EverPump remote tank monitor and pump control system For critical applications an optional GSM alarm dialer is available that enables a text message alert to be sent directly to any mobile phone in the event of an overflow, pump failure, link error etc.

The system has been design for low power consumption making it suitable to be powered by a small solar panel at remote locations. The radio telemetry link between the remote wireless tank unit and the wireless pump unit is continuously monitored. In the event of a radio telemetry fault This could be due to power failure, lightning strike, antenna broken etcA relay contact closes to indicate a communications error.

This relay can be connected to a local audible or visual warning device.


The system can also be fitted with an optional GSM dialer that will send an alert message directly to your mobile phone in event of power failure if battery backup is usedcommunications fault or overflowing tank A third float switch can be added to indicate overflow, this means the pump did not switch OFF.

The wireless pump unit also has provision for a pressure switch input that can monitor the flow from the pump. In the event that the pump is commanded to switch ON and the pressure in the pipe is low after a time period due to pump run dry or burst pipeor the pump comma ned to switch OFF but the pipe pressure is still high or the pressure is above e certain limit to indicate a blockage the unit will activate the alarm and switch the pump off.

The EverPump wireless pump control and tank monitoring system also has provision for a Master Control unit that can be installed at the house. This unit displays the current state of the system, enables remote configuration of the system and allows manual over-ride of the Pump state.

Water level warning by gsm

The Master unit also has a local alarm and GSM option to send an alert text message directly to your mobile phone. The antennas shown are suitable for short range applications mtypically the wireless pump control and tank monitoring system is provided with higher gain, ground-independant antennas that result in maximum range up to 10km with typical range where radio telemetry path may be obstructed by trees and buildings etc of around km.

The wireless tank unit is also available with Analog input to enable an ultrasonic or pressure sensor to be used to determine the actual linear depth of the tank and therefore the volume of fluid in the tank. The EverPump wireless pump control and tank monitoring system can be expanded at any time.

Multiple tanks and pumps can be monitored and controlled. Each Pump and Tank unit has 4 Digital inputs and 4 Relay outputs as well as local Power supply voltage monitoring circuitry and auxiliary RS serial port.

Features C-Tick Approval for use within Australia. Robust IP66 water and dust-proof construction, UV stable Inputs at Wireless Pump unit can monitor water flow and stop pump to prevent it running dry in event of low water level at supply. Benefits Peace of mind provided by instant alarm notification 3 Year manufacturer warranty Free technical and application support direct from the manufacturer Australian designed, Australian made Saves dollars installing long cables between Tanks and Pumps Less prone to damage from near lightning strikes that can induce dangerously high voltages on long cable run across fields.

Can be relocated at any time as there are no cables to remove Convenient master unit has been designed to either mount on a wall or be portable to move around as required Saves loss of water due to over filling of tanks No ongoing monitoring or connections costs.Water is a precious resource that you and your family need every day.

Today’s sensor technologies make it easier than ever to quickly, and effectively, deploy monitoring systems for measuring and managing critical resources like water.

Most water level early warning systems are based on hydrostatic pressure and designed by using pressure sensor [5]. The advantages of using this sensor are faster response time and higher accuracy.

Installation and maintenance are the problems of this system. ALARM SYSTEMS FOR SEPARATORS PRODUCT OVERVIEW PROTECTIONFOR ThE ENVIRONMENT. 2 or the waste water level is too low. These warning devices are described as follows: gSM WARNINg DEVICE WITh SMS ALARM Warning device LAL-A6-GSM-EX3, Warning device LAL-A8-GSM-EX3, Warning device LAL-D2-GSM-EX3.

Mar 29,  · SMS-Based Water Level Monitoring and Warning System for Pampanga River SMS-Based water level monitoring and flood warning system which they developed with technical advises from the PRFFWC for. May 12,  · This is a good Electronics & Communication project report On Dam Level Warning System Using GSM SMS and submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of bachelor of technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Flood Warning System. Stream Level System • Rugged, high quality monitoring platforms and GPRS/GSM modems for remote data retrieval Incorporate water level and meteorological sensors, along. with our data logging and telemetry solutions, to create a.

Flood Warning: Real-time Monitoring and Control Systems