Work life balance a comparative study

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Work life balance a comparative study

Increasing work burdens, globalization and industrial development have made it an issue with both the sexes, all professionals, working across all levels and all businesses throughout the world. The banking industry is one which is fronting the force of the threat of work- life imbalance.

Due to this work burden, it becomes exceedingly difficult to maintain work — family life. Many a times, people, in the quest for reaching the top, work so hard, that they miss out on the real pleasures of life. While it is absolutely great to have a flourishing career, it is equally domineering to have a life external work.

The study concluded Work life balance a comparative study work life balance has become a quest for professionals of banking industries and also that employees work better when they do make time for family and personal interests.

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Spending more time in office, allocating with customers and the burdens of job can delay and affect the personal life, sometimes making it difficult to even complete the domestic responsibilities.

On the other hand, personal life can also be demanding if you have a kid or aging parents, financial problems or even problems in the life of a dear relative. It can lead to skiving from work, creating pressure and lack of awareness at work.

Many a times, successful people, in the quest for reaching the top, work so hard, that they miss out on the real wills of life. While it is absolutely great to have a flourishing career, it is similarly domineering to have a life external work.

Work-personal life conflict occurs when the burden, commitments and responsibilities of work and family roles become mismatched. Obligation of one can force an individual to neglect the other.

It is important for employers to offer practices that appeal to all employees. Employers may incur extra costs in assuming strategies to support work-life balance, including enlarged managerial capabilities.

Such costs are however commonly balanced by the gains in achieving strategic objectives: Work Life Balance Greenhaus, Collins and Shaw define work-life balance as the extent to which an individual is equally engaged in — and equally satisfied with — his or her work role and family role.

Thus, employees who experience high work- life balance are those who exhibit similar investment of time and commitment, to work and non-work domains.

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Employees work better when they do make time for family and personal interests. Thus the issue has become pertinent not only in India but has become major issue of concern for all kinds of industry worldwide.

Work life balance a comparative study

Lot of work has been done researchers in order to explore the ways to maintain the proportionate balance between work and life. This study highlights the need for a multi-method approach, including both qualitative and quantitative elements, when studying telework.

The article shows that the option to work at home is more likely to be available in the public sector, large establishments and work environments in which individuals are responsible for the quality of their own output.

These workplaces are typically less unionized but not especially feminized. Managers in organizations all over the world are exposed to significant pressures in their jobs, which further influence the balance between their work and private lives, job satisfaction and overall well-being.

The key findings in terms of the factors influencing higher managers are reported. They suggest that the individuals are influenced by several aspects.

The responsibility for personal work-life balance does not only lie on individuals themselves, but the organizations and governments play an important role in treating this issue as well. Married working couples in India appear to manage the work-life tightrope well.

The continued difficulties for women looking to re-enter the workforce after a child break and the high unwillingness to move cities to follow their spouses' careers are the challenges for women spouses in the Indian workplace.

There is evidence that such programs are not a significant drain on company profitability.

"Work and Home-Life Balance: A Comparative Study of Hotel Employee Sati" by Amanda Connick

Employers who have responded to the fluctuating public and professional atmosphere and made Work-Life Balance policies into their culture have promoted enormously.

In the India, fairly rapid strides have been made in introducing Work-Life Balance policies. Industry initiatives have been supported by Government regulation, trade union debate and industry association advocacy to ensure that Work-Life Balancepolicies are more pervasive and effective. However, there are still some central problems that basic to be lectured or traditions that need to be devastated by both employee and employer.

Anitha demographic structures, and level of hierarchy at organizational level, growth pattern, Family and societal commitments. Information on geographic, socio-cultural and psychological perspectives of the study area has been collected for preparing this questionnaire.

The major dimensions which have been used to measure Work Life Balance WLB are namely- gender bias, demographic structures of families of employees, level of hierarchy in the organisation and family and societal commitments of the employees.At the risk of sounding frivolous, there is a good case to be made for the argument that women constitute the revolutionary force behind contemporary social and economic transformation.

A COMPARATIVE STUDY ON “WORK LIFE BALANCE AMONG NURSES’ WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO GOVERNMENT AND PRIVATE HOSPITALS IN TIRUNELVELI DISTRICT rutadeltambor.comshwari Shobana1, rutadeltambor.com2 1Assistant Professor, Dept of Management Studies, rutadeltambor.comamy Chettiar College of Engineering and Technology.

A balance between work and life is supposed to exist when there is a proper functioning at work and at home with a minimum of role conflict. Therefore, the incompatibility between the. Work/life balance early in the career” reports the findings of research that explored relationships between work/life balance, work/non-work conflict, hours worked and organisational commitment among a sample of graduates in the early years of their career.

This study was conducted in the Western and Midwestern United States at mid-scale hotels with no food and beverage services regarding hotel employee satisfaction of work and home-life balance.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the factors influencing employee perceptions of work and home-life balance, and to determine whether the regional locations of the work influence those perceptions.

Work Life Balance - A comparative Study of Women in Senior Management Positions in Austria, Denmark and Great Britain - Viktoria Flechl - Diploma Thesis - Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance - Publish your bachelor's or .